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A Tale of Two Cities Essays

A Tale of Two Cities Essays A Tale of Two Cities Paper A Tale of Two Cities Paper Essay Topic: Literature Tale Of Two Cities John Fitzgerald Kennedy said that The courage of life is often less dramatic than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy. This quote can be interpreted to mean that when it all comes down to the end, courage might seem more significant than the courage of normal everyday life, but really they are both as significant as each other. I do agree with this quote because all forms of courage deserve the same recognition as each other. One work of literature that I feel support this quote are A Tale of Two Cities, a novel by Charles Dickens this work is a prime examples of literature that support this quote. Through the use of characterization Charles Dickens proves this quote. The character Sydney Carton is a man who appears to be not much. He is always drunk and unkept in his appearance. His character appears to be useless to any of the other characters in the story, but he really turns out to be one of the main essential characters in the novel. When Charles Darnay stands trial for being accused of being a spy who is giving English information to the French, Sydney saves Darnay by showing how much they both look alike and thereby making all other evidence admitted obsolete. This is a small everyday act of courage that Sydney commits and shows that he really is a good natured and smart person. When Darnay is held captive and sentenced to die at the guillotine, Sydney commits the greatest act of courage. He decides to save Darnay by trading places with him. He is able to carry out this plan because of how closely he resembles Darnay. Darnay does this because he has a great love for Darnay and his family, especially for Lucie Manette, Darnays wife. This act of courage though, unfortunately costs Sydney his life. Even so, he dies with grace and dignity because he realizes what a great sacrifice he is making for others. Another was that Charles Dickens proves this quote is through the theme that love has the power to comfort, heal, and redeem. Lucie Manette is the character who emulates this theme the most in the novel. She is a constant reminder that love can heal and rejuvenate. When she meets her father, Doctor Manette, she immediately tries to care for him and become close to him again. Her father soon becomes well again and does not yearn so much for his shoe makers bench, which used to give him comfort while he was imprisoned. She gives her father the courage to be recalled to life. Also she is seen as the golden thread that weaves everyone together, giving everyone courage to live through their triumphs and tragedies. Lucie not only rejuvenates her father but also shows Sydney Carton the road to a better life. After meeting with Lucie, Sydney becomes a changed man who is no longer the drunken fool that everyone thinks he is. He actually starts to care about his life and all the people that he shares it with. John Fitzgerald Kennedy said that the courage people exhibit in normal everyday life is often considered to be less significant than acts of courage that are done in the heat of the moment, but actually have the same significance. A Tale of Two Cities, a novel by Charles Dickens agrees with this quote through the use of characterization and theme. This novel has a wonderful variety of characters that make this quote a truthful statement.

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Controversial Speech Topics

Controversial Speech Topics Speeches can be intimidating, and that feeling of being â€Å"on stage† seems all the more concerning when you have to talk about a controversial subject. The most important factor to consider when planning your controversial speech is choosing a good topic that fits your personality. You will know if a topic is a good fit for you if it meets certain criteria: The topic stirs an immediate emotional reaction in you.The emotional reaction is ​not so strong that you risk â€Å"losing it† if someone disagrees!You can think of at least three important facts or subtopics to help you take a  stand and organize a sound case. Use the topics below as inspiration for your assignment, whether you are planning to write a controversial speech or an argument essay. Each  topic is followed by a brief prompt, but that prompt is not the only way to approach your topic. The list is designed to inspire ideas. You may choose a different approach to one of the topics. Controversial Topics to Write About Abortion- Under what circumstances should it be legal? You may want to consider age and health issues.Affordable Care Act- Is an individual’s access to healthcare a legitimate concern of the federal government?Adoption- Should citizens from wealthy countries be able to adopt children from Third World countries? Should gay couples adopt?Age Discrimination- Should the government create policies to ensure that employers don’t discriminate based on age?Airport Security Measures- How much privacy are we willing to sacrifice in the name of flight safety?Animal Rights- When we promote animal rights, do we restrict human rights? What is the proper balance?Arms Control- Whos responsible for controlling arms trades around the world?Arms Trading- What are the ethical implications?Birth Control- What concerns do you have about age? Access? Affordability?Border Control- What measures are ethical?  Bullying- Are we all guilty in some way? How can we reduce bullying?Crimes on Colleg e Campuses- How can students stay safe? Censorship- When is it necessary for public safety?Chemical Weapons- When are they ethical? Are they ever?Child Labor- Where in the world is this a problem today? Is it your problem?Child Abuse- When is it OK to step in?Child Pornography- Is individual privacy more important than child safety?Cloning- Is cloning ethical?  Common Core- What is the truth? Is it dumbing down our students?Conservation- Should the government promote conservation?Cutting and Self-Harm- When should you say something if you suspect cutting is  happening?Cyber Bullying- When are we guilty?Date Rape- Are we doing all that we can? Do we blame victims?Death Penalty- Is it ever okay to kill someone? When is it okay in your opinion?Disaster Relief- Which measures really work?  Domestic Violence- When should we speak up?Drinking and Driving- Do you know someone who pushes the boundaries?Drug Trade- Is the government doing enough? What should change?Eating Disorders- What if you suspect a friend has a problem? Equal Pay- Are we making progress? Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide- Where are the ethical boundaries? What if a loved one was facing this choice?Fast Food- Should the government have a say about fast food menus?Food Shortages- Do we have an ethical obligation?Foreign Aid- How much of a role should your nation play?Fracking- What about your own backyard?Free Speech- Is this more important than public safety?Gang Violence- How can it be reduced? What are the causes?Gay Rights- Are we making progress or are we regressing?  Gerrymandering- How much should we control when it comes to drawing lines?GMO Foods- How do you feel about labeling? Should we label all modified foods?Global Warming- Where is science? What do you think?Government Surveillance- Is it OK for the government to spy in the name of public safety?Gun Laws- What does that amendment really mean?  Habitat Destruction- Should the government protect animals from human encroachment?Hate Crimes- Should hate crimes result in stiffer penalties?Hazing- When does fu n and tradition become dangerous behavior? Who decides this? Homelessness- How much should we do for the homeless?Hostage Release/Trade- Should the government ever negotiate?Human Population- Should it ever be controlled? Are there too many people on the planet?Human Trafficking- Are governments doing enough to protect the innocent? Should they do more?Internet and Gaming Addiction- Are teens at risk? Should there be limits to teen access?Juvenile Delinquency- When should teen criminals be treated as adults?Illegal Immigration- What is the most ethical response? Where should we draw lines?Legalization of Marijuana- What is the impact?Mass Shootings- Is this a mental health problem or a gun control problem?Media Bias- Is the media fair and balanced? How has the internet made things better or worse?Medical Records and Privacy- Who should have access to your medical information?Meth Use- How do we educate young people about the hazards?Military Spending- Do we spend too much? Too little? Is this a safety issue?Minimum Wage Increase- What should b e the minimum?Modern Slavery- How do we end it?   National Rifle Association- Are they too powerful? Not powerful enough?Obesity in Children- Should this be a government concern?Outsourcing Jobs- When do we dictate to businesses about outsourcing, and when do we be â€Å"hands off?†Photobombing- Is this a privacy concern? Are there legal issues to consider?Poaching- How do we protect endangered animals? What penalties should be in place?Prayer in Schools- Whose business is this? Does the government have a say?Prescription Drug Use- Are teens over-drugged? What about younger children?Racial Profiling- Have you been a victim?Racism- Is it getting worse or better?Rape Trials- Are victims treated fairly? Are the accused?Recycling and Conservation- Do we do enough? Is it anybody’s business what you do?Same-Sex Marriage- Is this a problem or a non-issue?Selfies and Social Media Images- Is self-image becoming a mental health issue?Sex Trade- How can we stop this?Sexual Promiscuity- When is it dangerous? What should we do?Sext ing- How is this dangerous and destructive? School Vouchers- Should they exist?Social Networking and Privacy- Who has the rights to your image? Your reputation?Stand Your Ground Laws- How much is too much  when it comes to self-defense?Standardized Tests- Are they fair?Stem Cell Research- What is ethical?Teen Depression- Who is in danger?Teen Pregnancy- Is education effective enough?Teens and Self-Image- What is harmful?Terrorism- How do we fight it?Texting While Driving- Should it be illegal?Violence in Movies- Is it harmful?Violence in Music- Is this art?Violence in Schools- Are you safe? Where do we draw the line between freedom and safety?Violence in Video Games- What are the effects?Water Shortages- Who has rights to water?World Hunger- Is it our obligation to feed others?

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Argumentative Synthesis-Extreme Obedience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Argumentative Synthesis-Extreme Obedience - Essay Example in addition, is the factor that led to the regime’s collapse and dissertation amidst stripping of anything that could be looted by the prisoners such as windows, doors and bricks. This paper describes the implications engulfed in the extreme obedience necessity. The open answer to the extreme obedience necessity is a no. Extreme obedience suppresses creativity and innovation, as people are afraid of giving their innate opinions to the relevant authorities. Morality and military obedience though necessary should allow for the exchange of liberal opinions between the junior military officers and senior ones. During the Vietnam era, divergent opinions in scholarly and secular writing predominantly was a sign of disobedience to authorities especially the military authority (Milgram & Zimbardo, 2009). Nonetheless, psychologically, the suppression of military groups in relation to their morality and obedience was the factor that led to the dysfunctional nature of the warfare activities in which the military personnel were undertaking. Currently, there have emerged change times in regard to morality and military obedience hence the emergence of ultimate shifts of attitude towards obedience as reflected on the dual military tension between autonomy and freedom of individual soldiers. In conclusion, in order for human beings to aptly maintain their social stability and individuality, a balance between insubordination and obedience must be achieved through a liberal collective bargain between the authorities and the individuals. Obedience is overly harmful especially in extreme cases where it appears to be the reason for all the individualistic physical and or mental anguish. Okinawa’s residential protest in Japan in commemoration of the Second World War postulates a situational cause of mental and physical anguish as a result of continues and forceful obedience into these residents. The American military was preeminently portrayed as the party charged with causing

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Variations of the Approaches to VET Systems Essay

Variations of the Approaches to VET Systems - Essay Example The form of the given skills is determined both by the market mechanism and decisions taken by individuals in order to enhance their careers or income. In the second model, the VET is incorporated into an educational system or a school system that is comprehensively made up to develop professionals. Clearly, the systems Ashton (2004) has in mind in relation to the first type is the systems in the UK and US, while he allocates the second type to the dual system of VET in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark. It is useful to place these two models on two ends of a continuum from a system based on outcomes to one based on inputs. England lies on employability whilst Germany mostly on â€Å"vocational training†. In Germany, the VET systems are put more emphasis on employability with occupations becoming less rather than more delineated and less, rather than more specialised, in line with requirements of the knowledge economy, but also, with a central focus on the occupational mobility of the individual. In England, the opposite is true where there has been a narrowing down of skills. A strong led-demand system ensures the production of narrow sets of skills suited to a low –skilled labour market. ... This contrasts sharply with the VET in England which has been criticised for neglecting general education (Harrison 2002). In addition, these systems are characterised by three important differences between them in terms of the balance between classroom and work place learning. It is only in Germany where a dual system that relies on integration of hypothetical knowledge with significant workplace experience can be found. On the other hand, there have been more advancement aimed at making Vocational Educational and training systems more practice-oriented. However, this contradicts with the English model which in the recent years has moved towards a ‘narrowing’ of skills dispensed with knowledge deemed unnecessary. The fact that it is difficult in the English language to differentiate types of knowing may reflect the suspicion with which abstract underpinning knowledge in VET has been treated in this country (Keep 2006). German distinguishes ‘knowing that’ or theoretical knowledge from ‘knowing how’ practical knowledge or know-how. In addition, the German language further distinguishes between systematic propositional knowledge and systematic propositional knowledge. Also, while in Germany, VET involves different types of knowledge to underpin practice in a rather broad occupational field, VET in England is aimed at acquiring task-specific skills with no or little underpinning knowledge. These types of knowledge are occupational, task-specific and industrial. Importantly, while skills in Germany are integral elements of holistic union, in England they are bundles of specific skills defined as learning outcomes of fragmented qualifications. The education system in

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Automobile’s Contribution to Identity in America Essay -- Automobile C

The Automobile’s Contribution to Identity in America: Nostalgia, Nationalism and Status Introduction Over one billion cars have been manufactured world-wide in the past century, with nearly 700 million on the road today (Urry, 2006). As important as flight, computers, and mass communication, the automobile has been a key contributor to the growth and globalization of our world (Sheller, 2000). While the automobile is rarely the topic of sociological discussion and cultural study, this article will discuss the iconicism of the automobile and how it contributes to an individual’s identity. For some this is the Volkswagen Beetle – a car that embodies nostalgia and the by-gone era of the 60’s (Wilson, 2005). For others, the identity is the nationalism and pride invoked by owning a car that typifies a true red-blooded American (Edensor, 2004). And for others identity is defined by the status or image a car provides (Belk, 1988). These three aspects of identity will be used to discuss and answer my research question: â€Å"How does the automobile contribute to identity in America?† As the owner of a vintage 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle, I have always been curious about the bond of nostalgia that is common amongst Volkswagen owners, prior owners and admirers. This infectious enthusiasm for the Volkswagen between owners combined with a general interest in the themes of how icons are born and the perceived societal status bestowed upon their owners have prompted me to write this article. 2 The Volkswagen Beetle is an iconic automobile that for many, imparts nostalgia (Wilson, 2005). The camaraderie and coming-of-age that is personified by the Volkswagen is a common, underlying characteristic amongst those who strongly identify with ... ...rica. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. * Levinson, H. (2004). Highways, People, and Places: Past, Present, and Future. Journal of Transportation Engineering, 130 (4), 406 – 412. Macworld. (2003). Volkswagen, Apple Team Up In 'Pods Unite' Promotion., Accessed December 9, 2006. * Sheller, M. (2000). The City and the Car. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 24 (4), 737 – 757. * Sheller, M. (2004). Automotive Emotions: Feeling the Car. Theory, Culture & Society, 21 (4/5), 221–242. * Urry, J. (2006). Inhabiting the Car. The Editorial Board of the Sociological Review, 54 (1), 17 – 31. Vanden Bergh, B. (1992). Volkswagen as â€Å"Little Man.† Journal of American Culture, 15 (4), 95 – 119. * Wilson, J. (2005). Nostalgia: Sanctuary of Meaning. Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press. * Denotes scholarly source. 10

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Ethics and Ethical Behavior

Ethical behavior in the workplace helps a company ensure that every employee is able to perform there duties in and safe and comfortable environment. When a company set-up procedure to help with work ethics there are three important things to consider; understanding of diversity so that the employees understand the difference between ethics and cultural acts, the next to consider is an open door policy so that employees will be able to discuss ethical behavior with the company, and third is a place that the employee can go in confidence to report unethical behavior. Ethical procedure should be general and relates to all employees without causing ethical issues dealing with race, religion, or gender. The procedure should be in place to address unethical behavior as stated in laws and regulations. Human resources is the department that will be the handler in the company for ethical behavior and to make sure that all employees are treated equal. The price for a lawsuit in an ethical case is more than taking the time to make sure the procedure are in place and that all employees are trained in ethical behavior. Many companies take the time to train employees on ethical laws for the industries that they are working in when they first join the company. As we have seen in the news unethical behavior among employees in a company can cost the loss of investors trust. Each department in a company ethics might be different, finance tracking cost and how revenues are tracked, where equipment and tooling money is showing in the financial reports. For a purchasing department how dollars are collected from suppliers, or kickbacks that are usually not allowed in a company. The most common employee taking money, so with ethical issues like this a confidential hot line is usually established for an outside company to be called and by an employee to snitch on employees who are doing unethical things in the company. What ever procedure that a company might have you must make sure that there is a way for any ethical behavior to be reported and death with the most confidential and legal way.

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Dante s Inferno And Shakespeare s King Essay - 1550 Words

Human beings too often avert their eyes from suffering. We choose to avoid the afflictions of ourselves and others in an attempt to deny the necessary evils within humanity. By not confronting the truths surrounding the worst in us, however, we become ignorant of a vital and possibly beneficial aspect of human nature. Both Dante’s Inferno and Shakespeare’s King Lear seek to bring attention to human suffering, illustrating our griefs and sorrows as consequences of our own agency. This pain that we inflict upon ourselves, however, can be handled in different ways that further define human suffering; each narrative profoundly explores both approaches, as Dante and Shakespeare portray suffering not only as a method of further inflicting pain to ourselves, but also as an opportunity to learn from misfortune. When we suffer as humans, we are given the opportunity to learn from those unfortunate experiences – in this way, suffering serves as a form of admonition. When we reject that opportunity, we become prisoners of our own stubbornness – in this way, suffering resembles lament. The lamentation of suffering can be seen in both the Inferno and King Lear as a way of facilitating grief on those who refuse to learn from their mistakes. In the Inferno, Dante the Pilgrim is forced to traverse through the circles of Hell in order to discover the darkest aspects of humanity. While the sinners in Hell create an atmosphere of abundant torment, few are shown to willingly intensify theirShow MoreRelatedComparing Dante s Inferno And Shakespeare s Play King Lear1606 Words   |  7 PagesDante’s Inferno and Shakespeare’s play King Lear have many similar motifs within them that allude to human suffering. One such motif is as long as you can find the words to describe how bad a situation is, things can get worse. We see this concept in Dante’s Inferno when Dante the Pilgrim is traveling deeper into the depths of hell and he exclaims, â€Å"If I had words grating and crude enough that really could describe this horrid hole†¦I could squeeze out the juice of my memories to the last drop. ButRead MoreMacbeth, Ruler by Divine Right1675 Words   |  7 PagesMacbeth In the play Macbeth, author William Shakespeare tells the dramatic story of how a man, who becomes obsessed with his own fate and power, falls from grace and is eventually killed by his own obsessions. Written in 1606, this play follows historical figures during the mid 11th century in the struggle for power and the crown of Scotland. When this was written, the Tudor dynasty had just ended its nearly 120 years of ruling England and Shakespeare wished for a peaceful transition of power unlikeRead MoreDomenico Di Michelino s Divine Comedy1918 Words   |  8 Pagesafterlife: Purgatory (Purgatorio), Hell (Inferno), and Paradise (Paradiso). This poem was a great work of medieval literature and was considered the greatest work of literature composed in Italian. The Divine Comedy was a Christian vision of mankind’s eternal fate. When The Divine Comedy was written, Dante made a cathedral painting that represents his poem called Dante and His Poem. In the painting, the Dante shows the 3 tiers related to the Christian afterlife. Dante was standing in a red robed colossusRead MoreAnalysis Of The Wasteland By T. S. Eliot2210 Words   |  9 PagesIntertextuality in the Wasteland One of the masterpieces of Anglo-American modernism, â€Å"The Wasteland† by T. S. Eliot, was published in a time when European society had just emerged from World War I, a war that had traumatized and destabilized the whole continent and its society making it reconsider much of its beliefs and previous assumptions. A sense of disillusionment and cynicism grew among people who did no more believe in the humanity and order of the world surrounding them. Eliot hasRead MoreThe Consequences Of Patriotism As Moral Justification1456 Words   |  6 Pagesactivist Malcolm X once claimed that â€Å"You re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it†. Patriotism plays a principal role in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. In Julius Caesar, Shakespeare uses the actions of Brutus in order to demonstrate the immorality of taking patriotic duty to be an absolute duty. This is an important principle which allo ws us to interpret the actions of Brutus, and his influencers, throughout the play. ThisRead MoreCubism and Multiplicity of Narration in the Waste Land3022 Words   |  13 PagesIts as if in the modern age, there cannot be a single authoritative way of expressing how one feels. There is not enough confidence in the forms of language itself. Just as the traditional community has become the unreal city, a vision of a modern inferno. So The Waste Land is abundant with multiplicity of narration in different language and set of seemingly disordered images. The images in The Waste Land are supported by two distinct ways of narration. The lyric voice opening the poem uses metaphoric